Why choose plastic butterfly valve?

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     A plastic butterfly valve is a valve used to adjust the flow path. Butterfly valve opening and the flow rate is basically a linear relationship between the proportion, which we can see that the butterfly valve in the control of fluid flow plays a very important role.

   Butterfly valve is generally installed in the direction of the diameter of the pipe, the disc around the central axis can do 0 degrees to 90 degrees of rotation, 0 degrees when the channel is in a completely closed state, on the contrary, if the disc is 90 degrees, Is the channel fully open state. Of course, if we use the butterfly valve to control the flow of this aspect, the flow will be piping resistance also has a certain relationship, if the two pipes are installed the same valve, but the degree of damage to the pipeline is different, then the effect is bound to not the same.

Why choose plastic butterfly valve


    Of course, the plastic butterfly valve can also be adjusted to any angle, not necessarily at 0 degrees or 90 degrees state, but one thing to note is that if we adjust the butterfly valve to 45 degrees, which is half open state, may Will be due to the role of fluid pressure on both sides of the rubber seal off the case, so we have to adjust the butterfly valve should also minimize the occurrence of such a situation, to avoid giving us the normal use of impact.

   As the butterfly valve has a simple structure, easy to install features, making it a lot of people choose to use it to control the fluid channel. Of course, the biggest reason is because it is for the fluid control function of the control effect is more effective than other objects.

If we choose to control the flow of metal butterfly valve, although the life of plastic butterfly valve in the long term, but it is difficult to be sealed, so if we should minimize the choice of it.

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