Single Opening Exhaust Air Valve

  • Product Name:Single Opening Exhaust Air Valve
  • Unit Price:
  • Design Standard:EN1074-4
  • FTF Dimension:
  • Flange Connection:EN1092-2
  • Inspection and Test:EN1074-4
  • Delivery Time:15-30days
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Product Details: Single Opening Exhaust Air Valve

Nominal Diameter:       DN40–DN200

Nominal Pressure:       16Bar

Design Standard:         EN1074-4

Flange Connection:     EN1092-2

Inspection and Test:    EN1074-4

Material List:

No. Item                 Material                       Symbol

1. Body                   Ductile Iron                 BS2789-500.7/DIN1693 GGG50/EN1563 GJS500

2. Float guide         ABS

3. Float                   ABS

4. Drain plug          Stainless steel             BS970 304S 15

5. Support              ABS

6. Seat ring            EPDM                          BS2494

7. Seat support      ABS

8. Cover                 Ductile Iron                  BS2789-500.7/DIN1693 GGG50/EN1563 GJS500

9. Washer               Zinc-plated steel         BS4190

10. Nut                    Zinc-plated steel         BS4190

11. Washer             Zinc-plated steel         BS4190

12. Nut                    Zinc-plated steel         BS4190

13. Bolt                   Zinc-plated steel         BS4190

14. Cowl                 Ductile Iron                  BS2879-500.7/DIN1693 GGG50/EN1563 GJS500

Structure and Feature

Working pressure: 16kgs/cm2

Shell test pressure: 24kg/cm2

Seat test pressure: 18kg/cm2

Media: water

Working temperature: 0.6-52℃

External and internal coating: 100%

Fusion-bonded epoxy

Flange drilled according to BS4504 Table 10/11,16/11;EN 1092 PN10/16.