Adjustable Constant Temperature Type Steam Trap

  • Product Name:Adjustable Constant Temperature Type Steam Trap
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Product Details: Adjustable Constant Temperature Type Steam Trap

Nominal Diameter:DN15-50

Nominal Pressure:PN16-40

Design Standard:GB/T22654 ;JB/T 9093

FTF Dimension GB/T12250

Flange Connection: EN1092, ANSI B16.5

Screwed ends ASME B1.20.1;ISO 7-1; GB/T7306

Inspection and Test: GB/T 12251



2.Connection type:Intemal thread/flange 


Structure characteristics

1.This type of steam trap is applied with temperature-sensing elemen t which expends with heat and contracts with cold in order to open or close the valve.

2.It is sensitive in movement and constant in discharging temperature.It saves energy and will not be affected by pressure.

3.It can drain water successively without any noise.It is small in size and light in weight.With easy installation,it can be installed in any angle.

4.It can exhaust air automatically without any air lock situation .And it can also adjust the discharge temperature.

Main application