Steam Trap

Steam trap plays an important part in reducing gas and keeping drainage in the system of steam heating. To achieve optimal results, we should investigate all types of steam trap efficiency. To achieve the best results, we should work on all types of steam trap performance and characteristics of a comprehensive understanding. When selecting a steam trap, please consider efficiency and characteristics of all types of steam trap. The design and implementation of an automatic test system in steam trap experiment was put forward according to the performance and the practical situation of manufactory. Based on actual use condition, please determine the import and export steam trap differential pressure.

First, please reduce the use of steam trap. It happens to own steam. It is great for the use of a steam trap. This steam trap has a simple structure. It is mainly consisting of floating balls BSD automatic emptying devices. Thermostatic steam trap is a widely used product in the world due to its practical, energy-saving and environment-care characteristics. The steam trap is a valve. It releases condensate water in steam pipe network system. The steam trap shall be a float and thermostatic type.

Second, pitch all horizontal inlet lines toward the steam trap to help eliminate potential problems. The float and thermostatic steam trap shall be installed as described on the plans. The types and choice principles of the steam trap are here. By the experiment of using steam trap of the steam heater, considering the steadiness of control process, gave a suggestion for the choice for steam trap.

Even though a steam trap is only a small, inexpensive component, compared to other steam plant parts, the numbers used can range from several thousand to a large industrial steam plant to over 40,000 in refinery or gas. Steam traps never received much butterfly valves attention from most energy managers or system designers until the energy crisis of the 1980s. 

When a valve is disassembled, the installation should give attention to the connection form, flange, clamp, inner and outer threads. Please close the valve after the connection. Please open the valve and check the connection form of welding if it is a gate valve. Installation should pay attention to the flow of media.  The flow direction can not be wrong. Superior lining of the valve, such as rubber lining and plastic lining, should also be paid attention not to contact the electric arc welding. The flange must be cleaned up. All internal metal luster polished. When putting into trial operation in the pipeline, a valve should be fitted in time.

There is considerable room for expansion in the steam trap industry at the present. The main factors of the expansion include the growing energy demand, sustained increase in global population and urbanization in developing countries, the process of industrialization after the financial crisis. This trend has been increasing steadily for years. Currently, the world's major economies have already entered the economic recovery cycle. The steam trap industry was showing a steady upward growth therewith.