CS16H Sylphon Steam Trap

  • Product Name:CS16H Sylphon Steam Trap
  • Unit Price:
  • Design Standard:GB/T22654; JB/T 9093
  • FTF Dimension:GB/T12250
  • Flange Connection:EN1092, ANSI B16.5
  • Inspection and Test:GB/T 12251
  • Delivery Time:15-30 days
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Product Details: CS16H Sylphon Steam Trap

Nominal Diameter:        DN15-50

Nominal Pressure:        PN16-40

Design Standard:         GB/T22654; JB/T 9093

FTF Dimension:            GB/T12250

Flange Connection:     EN1092, ANSI B16.5

Screwed ends:              ASME B1.20.1; ISO 7-1; GB/T7306

Inspection and Test:    GB/T 12251

Material List:

No. Parts         Material

  1   Body         WCB / Stainless Steel

  2   Bonnet      WCB / Stainless Steel

  3   Cap           Stainless Steel

  4   Screen      Stainless Steel

  5   Disc           Stainless Steel

Structure and Feature

Sylphon type steam trap

Working principle:

This type of thermostatic steam traps works by the welded stainless steel thermostatic expanding with heat and contracting with cold. When the air and condensation water is getting into the valve body, the valve is in the ""open"" status. And after they have gotten into it, the thermostatic will expand and close the steam trap tightly. 

Structure characteristics:

1. It is excellent in air discharge capacity, and is resistant to overheating steam and water hammer.

2. It has a certain circled operation when the temperature is too low during a certain scale of pressure.

3. The valve body is loaded with sylphon, which can be one single unit, or double units, or even multiunits. It can also be applied into the occations which requires for large dischange capacity.

4. It is equipped with temperature-sensing and is strong in corrosion resistance, which makes the valve much durable in services.

5. The valve body can be WCB or stainless steel with small size and light weight vertical installation will show the best performance of valves, while they can also be installed in any angles.

Main application:

Sylphon type steam trap is widely applied in hot steam line, steam-traced pipe, dryer and industrial heating steam equippment system and so on.