Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

  • Product Name:Inverted Bucket Steam Trap
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Product Details: Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

Nominal Diameter:DN15-80

Nominal Pressure:PN16-40

Design Standard:GB/T22654 ;JB/T 9093

FTF Dimension GB/T12250

Flange Connection: EN1092, ANSI B16.5

Screwed ends ASME B1.20.1;ISO 7-1; GB/T7306

Inspection and Test: GB/T 12251

Material List

No    Parts                          Material

1      Body                     WCB / Stainless Steel

2     Bonnet                 WCB / Stainless Steel

3      Seat                      Stainless Steel

4      Spool                    Stainless Steel

5      Inverted Bucket    Stainless Steel

6      Control Yoke         Stainless Steel

Structure and Feature

Product features:

1. All the moving parts of trim are stainless steel which is wearability and anti-corrosive.

2. For the steam cannot arrive to the valve seat hole by the water sealing that does not have steam losing and have highly effective energy saving.

3. It can not be destroyed and staved because of the Inverted bucket. It can bear water hammer and have a long usage circle.

4.  It has air vent in the top of Inverted bucket. It has good performance to continuously vent air to lest Cold lag and aired up. It can not influence by the back pressure and working well in the high back pressure.

5.  It Works reliably, only has two movement parts (lever and Inverted bucket.) so that cannot form hinder.

6. The valve seat and disc are in the top of valve, the valve disc may cause the contamination passing in the on and pass. It has the good self- clean performance and no contamination.