LFT44 Lever Ball Float Steam Trap

  • Product Name:LFT44 Lever Ball Float Steam Trap
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  • FTF Dimension:
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Product Details: LFT44 Lever Ball Float Steam Trap

Nominal Diameter:        DN15-100

Nominal Pressure:        PN16-40

Design Standard:         GB/T22654; JB/T 9093

FTF Dimension:            GB/T12250

Flange Connection:     EN1092, ANSI B16.5

Screwed ends:              ASME B1.20.1; ISO 7-1; GB/T7306

Inspection and Test:    GB/T 12251

Material List:

No.Parts                         Material

  1 Body                         WCB / Stainless Steel

  2 Bonnet                 WCB / Stainless Steel

  3 Seat                         Stainless Steel

  4 Spool                         Stainless Steel

  5 Float Ball                 Stainless Steel

  6 Control Yoke         Stainless Steel

  7 Thermal e-lements      Hastelloy alloy

Structure and Feature

1. This type of steam trap is applied with balanced double seat or single seat with reliable closedown and long life circle.

2. There has always been high temperature condensation water upstream, which will form reliable water seal without any leakage of steam.

3. Its operation will not cause any noise. Thus, it is preferable to the environment.

4. The valve is completely open when the steam firstly comes. The low temperature condensation water and air can be discharged rapidly, which largely shortens the start time of the part.

5. All the intemal parts are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and cavitation erosion.

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