Characteristics of the dual plate check valve

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The butterfly check valve is suitable for nominal pressure PN1.0MPa ~ 42.0MPa, CLASS150Lb ~ 2500Lb; nominal diameter DN15mm ~ 1200mm, NPS1 / 2 "~ 48"; Operating temperature -196C ~ 540C various pipes , Used to prevent media backflow. Butterfly butterfly check valve through the choice of different materials, can be applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, strong oxidizing media and urea and other media.

   Wafer-type check valve mainly by the valve, valve, stem and spring and other parts, using the folder to connect. Due to the short closing stroke of the valve flap and spring loaded, the water hammer phenomenon can be significantly reduced. Mainly used for municipal, industrial and high-rise building water supply, drainage pipe network, because of its structure than the general length of the short check valve, thus easy to install.

Characteristics of the dual plate check valve

The main features of the double butterfly check valve are:

1, the folder double butterfly valve structure is short length, the structure of the length of only the traditional flange check valve 1/4 to 1/8;

2, small size, light weight, the weight of only the traditional flange check valve 1/4 to 1/20;

3, the folder double butterfly valve check valve closed quickly, water hammer pressure is small;

4, horizontal pipes and vertical pipes can be used, easy to install;

5, the folder butterfly butterfly valve flow to the smooth, fluid resistance is small;

6, action sensitive, good sealing performance;

7, pairs of butterfly butterfly valve check valve flap stroke is short, the impact of small;

8, the overall structure is simple and compact, handsome in appearance;

9, long service life, high reliability.

Butterfly butterfly check valve on the folder standards and norms:

1, the design and manufacture: AP1594, API6D. JB / T8937

2, the structure length: API594, API6D. DIN 3202, JB / T8937;

3, the pressure - temperature rating: ANSIB16.34, DIN2401, GB / T9124, HG20604, HG20605, SH3406, JB / T74

4, test and inspection: API598, JB / T9092

5, piping flanges: JB / T74-90, GB / T9112-9124, HG20592-20635, SH3406, ANSIB16.5, DIN2543-2548, GB / T13402, API605, ASMEB16.47.

Installation Notes:

(1), check valve installation position, height, import and export direction must meet the design requirements, pay attention to the flow direction of the media should be consistent with the direction of the arrow arrow, the connection should be firmly tight.

(2), do not make the check valve in the pipeline to bear the weight, large-scale check valve should be independent support, so that the pressure generated by the pipe system.

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