China Globe Valve

Author:China Globe Valve manufacturer     Published time:2018-02-05 07:56     Reading times:1511    

China Globe Valve is a stop valve designed and manufactured by Chinese manufacturer.TJL indusry group is a professional manufacturer of globe valves.


Globe Valve, It is a forced-sealed valve. Therefore, when the valve is closed, pressure must be applied to the valve disc so as to force the sealing surface to not leak. When the medium from below the valve into the valve, the operating force needed to overcome the resistance is the valve stem and packing friction and the thrust generated by the media pressure, off the valve force than the valve open, so the valve stem The diameter should be larger, otherwise it will happen valve stem bend. According to the connection is divided into three kinds: flange connection, threaded connection, welding connection. From the self-sealing valve appears, the cut-off valve to change the flow of medium from the top of the valve into the valve chamber, then under medium pressure, the valve closed the force is small, and open the valve force, the stem diameter can be To reduce. At the same time, in the medium, this form of valve is also more stringent. China's valve "three to" have provided that the flow of the valve, all from top to bottom. When the globe valve is opened, the flap opening height is 25% ~ 30% of the nominal diameter, the flow rate has reached the maximum, indicating that the valve has reached the fully open position. Therefore, the full-stop position of the valve, valve stroke should be determined.


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