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Valve controls the flow of liquids and gases through pipes and tubes. It includes types of butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve, globe valve, ball valve, air vent valve, solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve and others. Here we are going to talk about the globe valve. Globe valves are employed in the pipeline systems. Workers hardly think twice of them. But a fault globe valve in a plane, a machine, or a chemical plant could be no good. Valves must be precision-made and trouble-free. 

A globe valve is a valve that controls the fluid flow volume by an opening, a stem, a disc and other parts together. An opening with a moveable plug or disc screwed in, or unscrewed to open and close in a valve. Threaded to the bonnet and connected to an actuator, a stem moves up and down to regulate flow inside the valve. Globe valve changes in the types of discs most often, and the disc is the most important part which determines the fluid flow rate. Plug-type discs are a long, tapered configuration with a wide bearing surface. A seat generally screwed into the valve body, or fitted as a separate part to the separating wall in the body. 

As the valve is open, the height of a disc, namely 25% to 30% of the nominal diameter, shows the flow has reached the maximum and valve are fully open. So fully open position for the disc should be determined by itself.

Globe valves from TJL Industry include cast iron globe valve, forged globe valve, carbon steel globe valve, gost globe valve, stainless steel globe valve, and bellow sealed globe valve. You may click on our website to have a check about the globe valves we have got. What's more, we sell them to the customer worldwide, including from Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Our products can be used for water supply and drainage, oil, gas, chemical industry and so on.

The advantages of a globe valve:

1. Structure simple, easy to maintain and resurface the seats

2. Small, quick open and close.

3. Seal tight, sealing surface friction force is small, long life.

The disadvantages of a globe valve:

1. Higher pressure drop.

2. Not apply to medium like particles and viscosity.

3. Poor adjustment.

There is considerable room for expansion in the globe valve industry at the present. The main factors of the expansion include the growing energy demand, sustained increase in global population and urbanization in developing countries, the process of industrialization after the financial crisis. This trend has been growing steadily for years. Currently, the world's major economies have already entered the economic recovery cycle. The globe valve industry was showing a steady upward growth therewith.