How does the trap work?

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How does the trap work? The working principle of steam traps is discharging condensing water ,air and carbon dioxide gas in the steam system as soon as possible; at the same time maximized to prevent steam automatically leaked. There are many different types of traps, each  has different performance. It has many categories, such as leveraged traps, but they have basic same basic effect.

How does the trap work?

How does the trap work?

1. The use of rolling valve machinery (new SCCV switch), has excellent sealing and durability.

2. The design of balanced double seat, is smaller than the average volume of traps but has large displacement. And it plays superiority at large displacement occasions.

3. Built-in bimetallic air automatic discharge valve to prevent air blockage and steam lock.

4. Using a unique U-type bimetallic vent, can greatly shorten the equipment starting time.

5. All components installed in the valve cover. You do not need to remove the valve from the pipe. And it’s convenient to repair and maintenance. This makes a number of domestic manufacturers to intimate, therefore the production technology should be enhanced.

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