How to choose correctly a normal valve enterprise?

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According to a latest report on the international valve market date analysis from Europe in October, 2015, China is the largest valve production base and market worldwide in this field. Now, valve enterprises are numerable and mature. Customers who need this can find them easily. There is one problem puzzling these customers due to outnumbered choices on this field. The problem is how to choose correctly a normal factory?

It is hard for customers to judge accurately a valve enterprise’s size and production strength. And the cost is high for end customers to communicate with the sellers face to face. It includes not only the money but also time and human costs.

So, in this article, the editor will tell customers how to choose correctly a normal enterprise with his own years of experience in the field of valve industry.

A valve enterprise’s development history

A normal valve enterprise definitely has a long development history. For example, TJL Industry was founded in 1998. During past 20 years, the company always focuses on the development of fluid industry. And it has sound enterprise structure, i.e. Production, Sales, Marketing and Finance Department. Because this company has the long history and a sound structure, it is a normal enterprise.

It has relevant certificates on valve production.

The company, TJL Industry,  have passed the ISO9001 (CQC), according to the international advanced standards, and performs the production strictly. This is a strongly vindication of a normal enterprise.

The company’s culture

A normal enterprise certainly has its own company culture. Their company culture shows their values, attitudes and employee’s quality. We can find this from details. For example, do they value employee’s benefits? If yes, they are normal enterprises.


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