Shipment of large quantities of lug butterfly valve, flange eccentric butterfly valve and soft sealing gate valve

Author:     Published time:2022-05-27 14:58     Reading times:306    

Domestic regular customers return orders and order flange eccentric butterfly valves, lug butterfly valves and soft sealing gate valves in large quantities. The customers are mainly used in the municipal construction industry.

This time, the valve body is mainly made of cast iron with pressure of PN10. There are no special requirements for the valve plate and stem. Appropriate materials are selected according to the working conditions to save costs for customers. This time, the size of flange eccentric butterfly valves is relatively large, most of them are DN800, and there are also a few flange centerline butterfly valves. The customer has cooperated with us for ten years and has great trust in us, but we still guarantee the product quality. We have strict requirements for the thickness and weight of the valve body. We have repeated pressure tests and switch tests to ensure the quality and working condition of each valve and achieve perfect delivery.

We have quite a lot of experience in municipal buildings, sewage treatment, coal mining, petrochemical industry, and heat supply pipelines. We can assist in selecting models for customers and give many good suggestions. At the same time, we hope we can get your trust