The application of Ball Valve

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Ball valve is easy to operation, maintenance, and versatility to a wide range of industrial applications, support 1000 bars and pressure temperature up to 752 ° F (400 ° C), according to the design and materials. Size usually ranges from 0.2 to 48 inches (0.5 cm to 121 cm). Valve body is made up of metal, plastic or metal and ceramics; The durability of the floating ball is usually chromium plating. One disadvantage of a ball valve is, they trap center water cavity in the closed position. When frozen, the two sides can form due to the expansion of the ice crack. Or thermal insulation tape in such a case will often avoid damage. Cold climate of another option is to "freeze" tolerance of ball valve. This style of ball valve contains freezing insert occurred on freezing, freeze plug is broken, and (as a sacrifice to disk), making a simple repair. Now replacing the entire valve, just freeze new plug screw.

If the ball valve is used for low temperature or product may expand the ball, there is a drill in the upstream side of the ventilation valve. This is known as an outlet for the ball. Safety is the first to consider engineer specify a vent ball.

Ball valve should not be confused with spherical check valve, check valve type, using solid ball, and prevent the reverse flow of unpopular.

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