The Ball Valve Types

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There is five of the body style of ball valve: a single body, three-piece body, the division of the body, the top entry, and welding. Different is based on the block valve - especially contains the casing of the ball itself is manufactured and assembled. The valve operation is the same in each case.

In addition, there are different styles associated with the ball hole mechanism itself.

Ball valve size in sheet within 2 inches, the design of the two or three parts. Almost always reduce the hole, a ball valve is relatively cheap, general is nonsense. Two ball valve generally slightly lower (or standard), they can loose lips or repair. 3 piece design allowed to contain the central part of the ball valve, the valve stem and seat easily removed from the pipe. This helps sedimentary deposits of efficient clean, replace seat and seal packing, polishing the ball small scratches, all this did not remove the body of the pipe. A three valve design concept is to repair.

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