The Work Principle of A Ball Valve

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The trim part of a ball valve, a ball with round channel, rotates with axis perpendicular to the channel. The body will rotate with the stem so as to open and close the channel. A ball valve can be closed tightly with 90°rotation and small turning torques. You can assemble different drives to form valves with various control methods, such as electronic ball valve, pneumatic ball valve, hydraulic ball valve and so on.


The work principle of a ball valve:


When a ball valve rotates to 90°, the spherical surface should be presented fully at the inlet and outlet, so the valve is closed and medium can be stopped.


When the ball valve in reverse order rotates to 90°, the ball gap should be presented, so it is opened and the flow can’t be stopped.


The structural principle of a ball valve:


1.A ball valve cannot be limited by installation direction, so the medium can flow freely. It is of low fluid resistance and no fluid resistance for a full bore valve.


2.A ball valve features simple structure, relatively small size, light weight and ease to maintenance.


3.Tight and reliable. It has two sealing faces. And now plastic have been widely adopted for sealing materials for its good seal. It is also widely used in the vacuum system.


4.A ball valve is appropriate for frequent operation. It opens and closes fast and features light weight. The operation is convenient and rapid since for the opening and closing it just needs to rotate to 90°, and it is easy to control at a long distance.


5.It’s easy to maintain for its simple structure. Removing and replacement is convenient due to the sealing ring is movable.


6.Excellent sealing property. When it is fully opened or closed, medium flow will not cause corrosion on sealing face in a valve for the sealing face of body and medium are isolated.


7.It is widely applied. With path diameter ranging from millimeters to meters, it can be used under high vacuum and high pressure.


8.It can be used in the medium with suspended solid particles since it can be wiping when it is opened and closed.


9.The fluid resistance is low. And it has no vibration, resulting in lower noise.


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