Valves Market of Oil and Gas Industry

Author:     Published time:2016-12-27 11:20     Reading times:1214    

The oil and gas industry will spend  85 percent of this total going to on/off valves and 15 percent to control valves, according to the report Industrial Valves: World Markets by McIlvaine Company.

Ball valves will account for 30 percent of the total, while industrial plug valves will account for 20 percent. Gate valves will account for 18 percent of the total. 

The LNG market is growing again after receding a few years ago, the report shows, as there are a few large gas-to-liquids plants in planning and construction in the United States. Each of these plants will spend $50 million or more for valves. 

The report says that since the unconventional resources are in new locations, the market for valves for transmission is still growing. The United States is presently the fastest growing market as the country moves from a major importer to a net exporter.

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