What your control valves do for you?

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It is tempting to think of a control valve as a component that merely adjusts the flow of the medium through the pipe, the temperature, and the like. That is, of course, their main function. But they bring the value of your business far beyond this point.


In the manufacturing industry, product quality and consistency are closely related. Whatever you do, leave your line of products that should be the same every time. If not, you may have to abandon the product or disappoint the customer, who has some expectations.

Product consistency depends on the consistency of your process. You can not afford a high level of process variability - it needs to work in the same way every time.

This is the work of your control valve. By installing the correct valve size and type on your production line and by keeping these valves in good working condition, you can reduce process variations and maintain consistently high product quality.


The control valve has made a number of contributions to the overall efficiency of your plant in terms of production and energy.

• First, by reducing process variability, they minimize waste. This means that you are in the entire production line, from raw materials to finished products are less investment.

• Second, by precisely controlling process variables, the control valve increases the plant's energy efficiency. For example, by maintaining temperature control, they can improve your heating efficiency.

This is just two examples. In reality, every step of your process offers the opportunity to improve efficiency. The control valve is a key factor in achieving it.


By improving product quality and efficiency, small control valves can have a significant impact on the profitability of the entire plant.

Properly operated control valves also increase your environmental sustainability and reduce excess material costs. Do not love all?

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